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The world has been birthed a new. Though there are pressures from the far right to curtail to a more puritan landscape, there is a somewhat freeing blow coming from liberation. More people are expressing their love and who they are with sheer confidence.

It is still a terrifying world – with brutality leering at every corner.

But now, more than ever, a new generation is standing proud of their identity and proclaiming loud on who they are. That’s somewhat the case in the gorgeous captured Searching Eva.

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Directed by Pia Hellenthal, Searching Eva is it’s very own beautifully filmed documentary. The movie revolves around Eva. At 25, she is a sex-worker, a drifter, a Berliner, a pet-owner, a lesbian, a Virgo, a housewife, a feminist, a model, and   Convey this new age of humanity who have grown in the age of the internet, Searching Eva looks to tackle the different threads of Eva that tie and dance together.

In Hellenthal’s film, the movie takes a fly-on-the-wall approach whilst also interviewing Eva in order to showcase exactly who she is and why her story matters in this vast new social climate.

Searching Eva certainly comes with its own sets of rules. The film’s titular subject is an intriguing soul who definitely underlines what it means to be a “millennial” in this landscape. Observing her behaviour and her own history, it becomes apparent that Eva is fluid in her sexuality, her identity, and also her lifestyle – spending her time taking drugs or having sex. In one scene, she utters “the patriarchy fucks me over every day, so I may as well get paid for it.” (I mean, you go girl.)

Eva herself is a beguiling watch and at times annoying – a point that the film plays into. She is vastly different from the norm that older generations have and though not all of her behaviour is permissible to all, she is still a confident young woman and fleshed out greatly in this documentary.

The framing is stunning. From pastel colours to intense reds, the movie utilises this pretty world that Eva lives in. It is incredibly lush.

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Searching Eva is an intriguing watch. It feels somewhat dismissive to mention that it may not appeal to everyone’s sensibilities. I mean, there never has been a truer sentiment here because the documentary flits through these gorgeously filmed landscapes, intimate stories, sexual moments, texts on screen, and more surreal moments that will tinge with the unexpected.

That being said, Searching Eva is a bold documentary about an equally vibrant subject. Gorgeously filmed and wonderfully excavated, this is certainly a titillating and phenomenal watch.

Much like it’s subject.

Searching Eva is part of Fragments Festival
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