Don’t Let Go – Brand New Trailer!

High concept thrillers are brilliant. Happy Death Day, Source Code, and more have all had these crazy ideas with different executions. Now it’s time for Don’t Let Go!  Don’t Let Go revolves around Detective Jack Radcliff whose a doting Uncle. When his niece, brother, and sister-in-law die in horrific circumstances, Jack is distraught. However, he when he receives a phone call from his niece, two … Continue reading Don’t Let Go – Brand New Trailer!

The Lion King – Review

Disney live-action remakes are a scourge of the film industry. Not one has been enjoyable on it’s own merits, feeding off nostalgia to make a few quick bucks. The highly unnecessarily practise adopted by the world’s biggest studio has produced mediocre films that fail to capture the magic and imagination of the animation that proceeded it. It is such a big problem that the paragraph … Continue reading The Lion King – Review

Hail, Satan? – Brand New Trailer!

America is in turmoil and a lot of that is because religious groups have infiltrated the government and spreading their shite through laws. One group, however, is attempting to dismantle all that. Hail Satan? revolves around the Satanic Temple in America. The troop  aim to separate the church and the state from all rulings. The documentary looks like a lot of fun and will hopefully … Continue reading Hail, Satan? – Brand New Trailer!

Night Hunter – Brand New Trailer

There is a sub-genre of trashy thrillers that garner a few fans. Some of them look absolutely terrible though. Like this one. The film revolves around a serial murderer and rapist who is on the prowl. Some cops pair up with a vigilante to find the killer but their suspect may have multiple personality disorder and the truth is locked in one of their personas…. … Continue reading Night Hunter – Brand New Trailer

The Adventures of David Copperfield kicks of BFI London Film Festival 2019

It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year as we get to pile into cinemas for 10 days straight and watch some ruddy good films – I tell you! That’s right, it’s BFI London Film Festival – heading for yet another phenomenal year. As always, it’s exciting to see what will kick start the movie mayhem and this year it is Armando Iannucci’s … Continue reading The Adventures of David Copperfield kicks of BFI London Film Festival 2019