The Dude In Me – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

There are plenty of body swap comedies out there and, let’s face it, they are pretty much the same movie. Two people, who happen to be extremely different, swap places and learn lessons. They get back in their bodies and they all live happily ever after. The end. From Freaky Friday to The Change Up, the body swap has become as recognisable as the Heist … Continue reading The Dude In Me – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

Uncut Gems – Trailer!

The Safdie Brothers blazed onto the big screen with their terrific Good Time, transforming Robert Pattinson into a down-luck petty thief looking to free his brother.  After critical success, the Safdies return with another brilliant cityscape thriller. Uncut Gems revolves around a jewelry dealer to the rich and famous who scams those around him to pay his debts. This looks to have Adam Sandler’s best … Continue reading Uncut Gems – Trailer!

Happy 20th Anniversary – Spaced

There are few people out there who would question my geek credentials, my knowledge of film, television and video games far exceed that of many of my compatriots, and recently, my party in Dungeons and Dragons managed to exorcise a Glabrezu in one round whilst attempting to foil the plans of a Necromancer (Geek credentials, check! Cool credentials… what were those again?) Regardless, if there … Continue reading Happy 20th Anniversary – Spaced

The Farewell – Review

Sometimes the “Based on a True Story” credit is met with many scoffs and eye-rolls. How can this crazy story be based on real events? Well, sometimes life is just that absurd. Lulu Wang develops a heart-warming tale based on a lie. A very true lie. The Farewell revolves around Billi, an aspiring Chinese-American writer who has an extremely close relationship with her Nai Nai … Continue reading The Farewell – Review

The Last Black Man In San Francisco – Brand New Trailer!

Some trailers blow you away on first watch, making the film an instant must-see. The Last Black Man in San Francisco is one of those trailers. The film, directed by Joe Talbot, revolves around Jimmie, a young man who hopes to restore his grandfathers old Victorian house into a community. This is a very powerful and rich trailer. The film has received acclaim in festivals … Continue reading The Last Black Man In San Francisco – Brand New Trailer!