Ready or Not – Review

A lot of things will cause a lot of stress on your wedding day: Your dress will be ruined,  the cake could be awful, someone could get very drunk at the reception, and there’s always a chance that your in-laws will go on a rampage trying to murder you before the night is through.

That’s what happens to our plucky bride Grace in hilarious dark comedy Ready or Not.

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Ready or Not revolves around Grace, a young woman who has just married Alex Le Domas, therefore joining his super wealthy and eccentric family. The Le Domases have earned their riches through board games and have a long-standing tradition to welcome new people into their fold – they play a game at midnight. Believing it to be silly, Grace pulls a Hide & Seek card. However, as she is hiding, it becomes apparent that the Le Domases wish to kill her before day-break for fear something terrible would happen if they didn’t. Soon her wedding night turns into a murderous game of cat and mouse as Grace tries to survive her new in-laws.

Ready or Not is a brilliant and wildly entertaining black comedy movie that relishes in all elements. From the darkly lit art-deco mansion where the depraved family hunt their pray to the, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett put lots of vivid detail into enriching their world and story. The story weaves through in a deliciously decadent manner. It’s a hilarious bloodbath with grim deaths and sudden unpredictable twists that’ll have you gasping and laughing loudly.

Samira Weaving is terrific as Grace. Her delivery is pitch perfect. From rolling her eyes at the games to her utmost fear, which is palpable and believable making the scares truly terrifying,  Weaving is captivating from the very beginning as you will her to survive. Between her quips and her fighting spirit, she is a great heroine to rally behind.

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The second best performer in the whole film is Adam Brody. As David, the alcoholic brother of Alex, he is the funny centre to the Le Domas and brings merit to the character. Still the family is a rag-tag bunch of crazy rich people from the brooding Aunt Helene played by Nicky Guadagni and Mark O’Brien is terrific as the homicidal patriarch. The Le Domas family are quirky and sadistic and each of them is wickedly funny.

A bombastic, amusing, and with pretty outstanding turns from Weaving and Brody, Ready or Not is a film you’ll want to watch in a packed room, over and over again. It may, however, put you off board-games. And definitely will put you off in-laws. Well, even more so…

A final note: Ready or Not would make a great double bill with You’re Next. Heck, I’d watch a sequel to both where Grace and Erin meet and try to stop other women from murderous rich eccentric families.

Ready or Not is out 25th September

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