The Irishman – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

We are in a hospital. The camera is on the move to the tune of the Five Satins’ ‘In the Still of the Night’. Nurses, staff go about their business. A wheelchair propelled by a vaguely familiar older man cuts across the screen into a communal lounge. The camera moves past it and carries on its course. Then it does a left, entering the lounge … Continue reading The Irishman – BFI London Film Festival 2019 Review

The Invitation – Review

Dinner parties are always uncomfortable. You’ll sit next to someone you barely know, forced to make awkward conversation (that’ll no doubt dissolve into political argument,) and trying to prove that you can eat your dinner without looking like a pig. The whole affair is awkward, causing deep dread down to the pit of your stomach. Now imagine that you are invited as a guest to … Continue reading The Invitation – Review

Apollo 11 – Review

by Chris Rogers It seems remarkable that only fifty years after the first moon landing do we finally have footage of the event that feels worthy of its tremendous legacy. Many feature adaptations (most recently Damien Chazelle’s sublime First Man, to which this will make a fine companion alongside Al Reinert’s melancholic For All Mankind) have tried their damndest to portray the awe and wonder … Continue reading Apollo 11 – Review

The Aeronauts – Review

There seems to be a lack of light-heartedness in cinemas these days. Especially considering that this year’s most controversial film was the nasty and dark Joker film. However, there are some movies that simply want to fly with the wind and on the wings of butterflies. The Aeronauts is such a film – a movie that is sweet, beautiful, and exploratory. The Aeronauts revolves around … Continue reading The Aeronauts – Review