The Gentlemen – Review

Guy Ritchie has spent the last few years making mediocre big blockbuster such as King Arthur or Aladdin. Far has the man gone from the days of gritty quipping London gangsters and now his overtly shiny movies that tackle some past lore or adaptation have been panned or largely ignored. The Gentlemen, however, isn’t exactly the return the form we had wanted. The Gentlemen sees … Continue reading The Gentlemen – Review

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Review

Despite how you feel about either The Force Awakens or The Last Jedi, the culmination of this generation’s Star Wars trilogy feels final. With the whole world on tenterhooks, ready to dive into the story, can J.J. Abram steer the third film into a satisfying conclusion? The Rise of Skywalker follows the tragic events of The Last Jedi. With the First Order storming the galaxy, … Continue reading Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Review

6 Alternative Christmas Movies

When you get to a certain age, no matter how gleeful and exciting they still are, you often get bored with the  festive film favourites this Christmas season. Though you’ll still delight in McCauley Culkin saying “Merry Chrismas ya filthy animal” in Home Alone 2  or The Muppets telling the Christmas Carol story in the best way possible, at some point you’ll get a little … Continue reading 6 Alternative Christmas Movies

Top Gun: Maverick – Brand New Trailer!

The original 1980s action romp was a film about fighter pilots, sexy flight instructors, and homoerotic volleyball. It was the most eighties romp to ever have romped. And now it’s flying back into cinemas. With Tom Cruise returning to the titular role, the film revolves around Maverick training new recruits and comes across a new cadet who happens to be his old best friend’s son. … Continue reading Top Gun: Maverick – Brand New Trailer!

In The Heights – Brand New Trailer

Lin Manuel-Miranda is currently taking over the world. The musical, stage, film, television star and writer is one of the most iconic artists and now we’re getting a movie of his work. Based on Manuel-Miranda’s movie revolves around three stories in a largely Hispanic-American area in Brooklyn, New York. With Anthony Ramos leading, this looks to be a terrific and heart-warming piece. What do you … Continue reading In The Heights – Brand New Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 – Brand New Trailer!

Wonder Woman was a surprisingly successful action blockbuster that proved you can make a gritty DC film with heart and soul. Now we’re excited for her return in Wonder Woman 1984. Decades after her World War 1 outing, Diana aka our titular character, is still protecting the Earth. Heading into Whilst we’re getting a bit sick of 80s nostalgia, this looks incredible. Plus Pedro Pascal … Continue reading Wonder Woman 1984 – Brand New Trailer!