The New Mutants – Brand New Trailer!

A new trailer has been released for X-Men spin off The New Mutants. Set in a world with young mutants (mutated humans with incredible abilities), held inside a secret facility. Based on the comic series of the same name and directed by Josh Boone.

The trailer begins with young patients being the subject of tests and questions. It becomes clear in the claustrophobic setting their facility is more than it appears. Quickly the trailer descends into nightmarish visions and a haunted house scenario. All set against a haunting rendition of Pink Floyd’s ‘We Don’t Need No Education’.

Directed and co-written by Josh Boone, who is best known for directing The Fault in Our Stars. The stark difference in projects may worry some of his abilities but as a long-term fan of the comic, Boone and writing partner Knate Lee have wanted to direct the film for a number of years. The pair announced in pre-production that it would in fact be a horror film and draw on the works of Stephen King as inspiration.

The young cast includes a few relative unknowns but also some hugely talented familiar faces. With Anya Taylor-Joy (Witch, Split), Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones, Doctor Who) and Charlie Heaton (Stranger Things). The newer players include Henry Zaga and Blu Hunt.

Despite its comic background the trailer has a dark and gritty feel. The most interesting thing about the up and coming film, apart from its talented young cast, is the film’s horror element. Although the film may share the life blood of the X-Men franchise and be based on a comic itself, this feels new and fresh. Something we have not seen in a comic adaptation before.

For many the X-Men franchise has lost its spark and Dark Phoenix bombed, could this new spin off reignite its flame?


The New Mutants is set for an April 2018 release. Are you excited?

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