Uncut Gems – Review

The Safdie Brothers have made a staple for themselves, creating panic-inducing movies whether it is the drug-addled movie Heaven Knows What or their nightmarish odyssey for perpetual fuck-up Connie in the underground hit Good Time. There movies pull you through the ringer. Even their indie darling debut feature Daddy Longlegs leaves you grabbing your face out of horror. Basically, what we’re all saying is that … Continue reading Uncut Gems – Review

92nd Academy Awards – Joker leads nominations!

Another year, another round of Academy Award nomination that leaves us a bit wanting. This year the Academy Awards have This year is no different and  the round of Academy Awards are so predictably bland. Heralding the usual characters that we’ve had this award season – The Irishman, Joker, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood…they all seem very predictable. The acting nominations are predictably mostly … Continue reading 92nd Academy Awards – Joker leads nominations!

It: Chapter 2 – Review

It: Chapter 1 was a near unprecedented success, uniting audiences across the board in nearly three hours of horror as a relentless evil spirit terrorises seven misfit children. Led by Bill Skarsgaard as demented clown Pennywise, the film drew countless of horror fans, cinephiles, and regular viewers to the movie. The horror phenomenon, based on a Stephen King novel, has spooked many – making us … Continue reading It: Chapter 2 – Review