The 92nd Academy Awards – Live Blog

It’s that time of the year again! Keep up with the latest news and gossip from the upcoming Academy Awards.

Ceremony – 1am GMT 

01.00 – Here we go!


01.04 – This is weird because of all the snubbed films but we love it!

01.10 – Oh how we wish Chris Rock was hosting!

01.13 – A montage before every award?

01.15 – Best Supporting Actor goes to…Brad Pitt for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood!

01.17 – Brad Pitt gives an emotional speech that also honored Stunt Co-Coordinators. We love it.

01.22 – Best Animated Feature goes to… Toy Story 4

01.25 – Best Animated Short Film goes to… Hair Love

01.29 – We love this song so much.

01.32 – We adored the performances of Elsa’s around the world!

Image result for chills reaction

01.38 – Best Original Screenplay goes to…Parasite!

01.45 – Best Adapted Screenplays goes to…Jojo Rabbit!

01.47 – Best Live Action Short goes to… The Neighbor’s Window

01.55 – Best Production Design goes to…Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

01.58 – Best Costume Design goes to… Little Women!

02.03 – Second chills of the night. Chrissy Metz looks and sounds beautiful!

Image result for chills reaction

02.07 – Best Documentary Feature goes to…American Factory

02.13 – Best Documentary Short Subject goes to…Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re A Girl)

02.16 – Best Supporting Actress goes to… Laura Dern

02.34 – We just lost ourselves in that moment. You know?

02.36 – Best Sound Editing goes to…Ford Vs Ferrari

02.40  Best Sound Mixing goes to…1917

02.47  – Best Cinematography goes to… 1917

02.54 – Best Editing goes to… Ford Vs Ferrari

03.05 – Cynthia Erivo sending us.


03.10 – OH NO!


03.13 – Best Visual Effects goes to… 1917

03.16 – Best Make-Up and Hair goes to… Bombshell

03.24 – Best International Film goes to…Parasite

03.34 – Best Original Score goes to… Joker!

03.45 – Best Original Song goes to… I’m Gonna Love Me Again, Elton John

03.51 – Best Director goes to…Bong Joon-Ho

04.02 – Best Actor goes to… Joaquin Phoenix, Joker

04.13 – Best Actress goes to… Renee Zellweger, Judy

04.16 – Best Picture goes to… PARASITE!

Red Carpet  10am GMT

22.01 – Can we nominated John Cho for something? For Best Suit?


22.06  Billy Porter looks amazing. DID WE EXPECT ANYTHING LESS?!


22.14 – Rian Johnson’s Cufflinks strike again


22.17 – The Parasite Cast and Crew are here. And we just feel like life is just a lot better, you know?


22.41 – All hail Regina King


22.41 – I feel like we need more films with these two.


22.51 – Cast America Ferrera as some sort of Goddess in a film because look at her!

23.13 – *Gay Male Choir of Los Angeles Voice*  LAURA DERN!


23.20 – Literal scamps on the red carpet.


23.24 – These girls own my heart.

23.34 – Janelle Monae. Oh my goodness.




23.49 – This should be what the Oscar statuette looks like! #Oscars

23.51 – We were not ready for Oscar Isaac


00.08  We Wuv Waititi



00.27 – Look at Florence Pugh!



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