The Green Knight – Brand New Trailer!

David Lowery is a stunning and accomplished filmmaker. Visually compelling, his work is phenomenal story-telling and we’re excited to see him tackle The Green Knight. Starring the incredible Dev Patel, The Green Knight is based on an Arthurian Legend about Si Gairwan, Arthur’s headstrong nephew who embarks on a quest to defeat the mythical titular Knight. Also featuring Alicia Vikander, Joel Edgerton, Sean Harris, and … Continue reading The Green Knight – Brand New Trailer!

First Love – Review

Takashi Miike is a prolific filmmaker. The Japanese director has made over 100 movies and he just keeps going and going. From the downright bizarre classics such as The Happiness of the Katakuris and Audition to fun newer films such as Yakuza Apocalypse and The Blade of the Immortal, Miike has filled our screens (and our hearts) with bloody ventures and insane stories. Now he … Continue reading First Love – Review

Emma – Review

Period dramas may be a common meal in the British cinematic appetite. You can’t help, however, to dive into Autumn de Wilde’s extravagant and lush Emma is a sweet adaptation of Jane Austen. Set in the Georgian-Regency era, Emma revolves around the titular character – Emma Woodhouse. Described as handsome, clever, and rich, she uses her prominence and prestige to play matchmaker across her small … Continue reading Emma – Review

Greed – Brand New Trailer!

Steve Coogan is such a brilliant character actor, already tackling legends such as Stan Laurel, iconic TV character such as Alan Partridge, and much much more. Now he plays a proper arsehole. Also starring Isla Fisher and David Mithcell, the film revolves around self-made British billionaire Sir Richard McCreadie whose retail empire is in crisis. Trying to save his Greed looks like a great dark … Continue reading Greed – Brand New Trailer!

The French Dispatch – Brand New Trailer!

We already know what to expect from Wes Anderson.  Whimsical pastel colours with a whole heap of stars and a silly plot that is charming and symmetrical, Anderson’s movies have certainly found their grove. Now we have a brand new one – The French Dispatch. The film revolves around a newspaper and it’s many colourful characters that populate the offices and also the stories. With … Continue reading The French Dispatch – Brand New Trailer!

Joker – Review

First off, whether you think clowns are scary or not, clowns are undoubtedly a little bit creepy. A bizarre tradition for entertaining children passed down through the ages that can go from cute and fluffy to insanely petrifying in a beat; albeit the scary part here is more real than you will ever see in any Stephen King adaptation. It’s not on the exterior, it’s … Continue reading Joker – Review