Bad Education – Review

Over the course of his career, Hugh Jackman has certainly picked different roles. From the big booming musicals such as Oklahoma!, Les Miserables, and The Greatest Showman to romantic dramas such as Australia to his iconic portrayal of Wolverine for the X-Men series. But Hugh Jackman is truly at this best when he is playing an insidious almost villainous role. Think on his dark portrayal … Continue reading Bad Education – Review

Lionsgate Live! – A Night at the Movies

These are definitely uncertain times. As we shelter indoors from this pandemic, we’re struggling to keep occupied or distracted. Luckily, we have many companies trying to help us during these trying times. Today Lionsgate UK announced that they will be celebrating the communal experience of going to the cinema, while supporting the NHS Charities Together COVID-19 Urgent Appeal and The Film and TV Charity COVID-19 … Continue reading Lionsgate Live! – A Night at the Movies

Dispatches from Elsewhere – Review

There are people out there who seek worlds beyond the norm. Think of all the participants for Secret Cinema, who dress up as their characters and untangle adventures in their films. Think of gamers who like to spend hours uncovering digital mysteries. Think of scavenger hunts, and murder mysteries, and obstacle courses and more. We all seek a fantastical dream beyond the realms of what … Continue reading Dispatches from Elsewhere – Review

The Willoughbys – Review

Some of the best children’s movies often revolve around a darker storyline. Matilda, for example, is a young girl born into a neglectful family who doesn’t appreciate her. Cinderella has to grow up with her abusive step-mother. Rapunzel is kidnapped and held prisoner. And let’s not forget about the orphans: Aladdin, Annie, Snow White, and more all have to survive without their parents. Out of … Continue reading The Willoughbys – Review

Calm With Horses – Review

There is a new mastery when it comes to feature debuts. These new director’s present feverish explorations of humanity with a keen eye for details and beautiful cinematography. Nick Rowland, who is famed for his short film Slap, is a gifted filmmaker whose feature debut Calm with Horses is a fine start for what is sure to be an interesting career. Set in Ireland, Calm … Continue reading Calm With Horses – Review