Love. Wedding. Repeat – Review

No one can do farce or slapstick quite like the British. From the classic Ealing comedies to recent efforts such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, if we are not being dry and sarcastic, we’re calamitous and clumsy. This has driven a lot of our comedies, especially when it comes to special occasions such as Christmas or even a wedding day.

So shit really hits the fan in the catastrophic romantic comedy Love. Wedding. Repeat.

Directed by Dean Craig, Love. Wedding. Repeat revolves around Jack, a young man whose sister is getting married in Rome. During the ceremony, Jack must thwart many different mishaps that includd his sister’s ex-boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend, a determined maid of honour, a lost love, and a really powerful sedative.

Shot beautifully in a sun-soaked country manor in Italy, this comedy fiasco is certainly stunning to look at. Sam Claflin makes a courageous effort as Jack, trying to keep this haphazard day from falling apart. There is great support from Aisling Bea and Eleanor Tomlinson too though neither is given great material to work with. On top of this, there are some jokes do procure a smile from time to time.

However, Love. Wedding. Repeat. falls flat in every way. The comedy is so strained and lacklustre throughout. It includes several British comedy tropes, such as the boring guest everyone tries to avoid, and they are utilised poorly.

The most egregious part of Love. Wedding. Repeat is how poorly it handles the centric premise. Borrowing the title from Edge of Tomorrow, you’d expect the movie to capitalise on the multiple outcome premise but it does not. As Judi Dench narrates about what would happen if different people drank the strong sedative at the table, we only see two complete threads of the possibilities. Others are told in a quick and strange montage. it ruins the promise.

What would’ve worked better is to have Jack the only person aware that he is repeating the day – like groundhog day for weddings. Whether he has to let Olivia Munn’s Diana go to save the day or wind up in many different precarious situations, having him having to go through hurdles like a disgruntled Bill Murray would’ve proven much more successful than this effort.

Not to mention that it seems that every character here is kind of…horrible? Their either heinously selfish, total arseholes, or have cheated on their significant other? It’s so hard to enjoy a movie where, at a normal wedding, you’d swap tables just to avoid them.

Love. Wedding. Repeat is nice to look at but there is not much happening beneath the service. Like any other ceremony, you’ll be checking your watch and wishing that it were over.

Love. Wedding. Repeat is available on Netflix!

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