Ode Short Film – World Art Day Premiere

“A human being who is an artist because he was given all these divine connotations.”

Wednesday the 15th April is World Art Day. It is an ode of those creatives who dazzle us with movies, paintings, dancing, and more. Though these are uncertain times for artists everywhere, they will always be creating. New worlds and new perspectives to shine on in darker times. They are people who support us and, therefore, need support during these murkier times.

What better way than watching brilliant short documentary (and aptly named) Ode, which premieres online on World Art day. Directed by Ana Pio, Ode is a short film documentary about six artists. A dancer, a painter, a photographer, a writer, an actor and a musician share their struggles and love for a career that is difficult to breakthrough.

With a beautiful soundtrack by Neil Myers, Ode is a perfect short film treat for artists everywhere and wonderfully showcases the trials and tribulations of being an artist. Having to contend with a society who does not deem them worthwhile, or the struggle of breaking into their respective fields to make a worthwhile career, or their own personal challenges, the film is as much an examination of what makes an artist tick as it is a celebration of what unites artists.

Ana Pio is a celebrated and award-winning filmmaker. In 2014, having studied her Masters at the Met Film School in London, her short film Eden won the Women in Film Achievement Award at the New Renaissance Film Festival and is currently being distributed by Shorts International. She’s working on upcoming short PMS and developing her debut feature Mother Nature. 

Catch the Ode premiere tomorrow at 9am BST!

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