Snowpiercer – Review

The journey of Snowpiercer, particularly for us in the United Kingdom, has been an interesting one. Due to demands by Harvey Weinstein, insisting that 20 minutes be cut and monologues be added at the start and end, Bong Joon-ho refused and the film itself languished in the station, struggling to find a worldwide distributor. Lucky, in 2018, it was acquired by Amazon Prime Video, sadly … Continue reading Snowpiercer – Review

Little Women – Review

Louisa May Alcott’s incredible Little Women has had numerous adaptations over the past few years including films, a limited series, and even a musical. The story of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War has touched the lives of countless generations and is so popular that it is even referenced in TV show Friends. Now accomplished filmmaker (and indie darling) Greta Gerwig has … Continue reading Little Women – Review