The Invisible Man – Review

Universal’s Dark Universe series faltered before it even started. The plan was to reinvent classic movie monsters such as The Wolf Man and Frankenstein into an interlocking series not dissimilar to Marvel or DC’s superhero filled movies. This was all to officially kick-off with The Mummy, though everyone forgets the reboot started with Dracula Untold. Unfortunately, the 2016 Tom Cruise led adventure The Mummy was … Continue reading The Invisible Man – Review

Over the Moon – Brand New Trailer!

Glen Keane is an animation legend, having worked for Disney and more, producing our favourite childhood charcters such as The Rescuers and more. Now we’re excited to see him in the directing seat with this gorgeous piece. Over the Moon revolves Fei Fei who, after the death of her mother, builds and flies a rocket ship to meet the moon goddess, Chang’e. This looks incredible … Continue reading Over the Moon – Brand New Trailer!

Fanny Lye Deliver’d – Review

The 17th century was a fascinating time for England.  The way of life was changing. Whilst puritan and overtly religious sentiments still ruled – keeping women locked to their husband and any thought of wicked, free, and sexual behaviour abhorred. However, there came to be many different voices who wished to free people from their society and they were pursued and persecuted. Sluicing down these … Continue reading Fanny Lye Deliver’d – Review

“Fanny is inspired by real life people who fought for their voices to be heard” – Director Thomas Clay talkes Fanny Lye Deliver’d

Where did the idea come from? When I was young, I read a book called The World Upside Down by Christopher Hill that transforms British History. The 17th century was so fascinating but I couldn’t find the right way in to the characters. Then I had this eureka moment and decided to make it a Western set in that time period. I wanted to boil … Continue reading “Fanny is inspired by real life people who fought for their voices to be heard” – Director Thomas Clay talkes Fanny Lye Deliver’d

7500 – Review

Since playing Edward Snowden in Oliver Stone’s 2016 biopic, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been off our screens for four years. Well, at least in physical form – he contributed vocal cameos to both The Last Jedi and Knives Out. Gordon-Levitt is neither a traditional Hollywood star with a marketable persona to preserve, nor a character actor. Since his time as a child actor in the TV … Continue reading 7500 – Review

True History of Kelly Gang – Review

A lecturer regales a story to Victorian aristocrats in Australia – their mouths agape at the blood shed within the story. He talks about how uncivilised we’ve become; to uphold an outlaw and a murderer as an iconic legend. That’s the crux of humanity, isn’t it? In London, hundred flock the streets of Whitechapel and follow in the footsteps of Jack the Ripper. Netflix has … Continue reading True History of Kelly Gang – Review