Get Duked – Review

Can teenage delinquency be cured by swift exposure to the outdoors? This question is tentatively explored in Get Duked, an energetic and mostly successful black comedy set in the Scottish Highlands. You’ll laugh, you’ll sink a tinnie. Written and directed by Ninian Doff, who ‘doffs’ (as it were) his designer baseball cap to Edgar Wright and Chris Morris in his feature debut, it follows three … Continue reading Get Duked – Review

Fredric March: How a 123 year old man helped me during lockdown

I take to obsessions as though I am trying to quit cigarettes. The last one, I’d say. I’d draw in big deep breaths and allow the smoke to engulf my lungs. Throughout my life, I have ferociously puffed on many different subjects. Whether they be bands, actors, musicians, time periods, teas, drinks, or even a building, I become hooked; breathing in each subject until my … Continue reading Fredric March: How a 123 year old man helped me during lockdown

The Batman – Trailer

Yes. Another Batman movie. Sure, we have been inundated with the caped crusader since the sixties, seeing many actors such as Michael Keaton and more recently Ben Affleck take on the mantel. Robert Pattinson now takes on the cowl in this scowling, brooding new release. Directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman revolves around a younger Bruce Wayne has he investigates a series of murders perpetrated … Continue reading The Batman – Trailer

An American Pickle – Review

Fredric March. Jeremy Irons. Leonardo DiCaprio. These are all men who have had celebrated performances playing dual roles such as the torn Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, murderous twins in Dead Ringers, and The Man in the Iron Mask. Now Seth Rogen is tackling two different roles playing a great-grandfather and a grandson in An American Pickle. An American Pickle tells the story of Hershel … Continue reading An American Pickle – Review