Say Your Prayers – Review

by Jenny Heaton Religious extremism isn’t an easy topic to make light of. One wrong step, and it can quickly become distasteful and mean-spirited. Films like Four Lions and Team America: World Police certainly do often cross the line into tasteless, but they balance out the darkness by being overblown, incisively witty, and absolutely absurd. Say Your Prayers certainly aspires to say something meaningful about … Continue reading Say Your Prayers – Review

Schemers – Review

by Charlotte Sometimes To open with a quote from Hunter S. Thompson about the music business is a *choice*. To open a Scotland-set film (albeit set in Dundee, not Edinburgh) with a character running accompanied by narration reflecting on how they got themselves into that position is a *choice*. In fact, Schemers is a film that makes a lot of choices which undermine itself by … Continue reading Schemers – Review

Monsoon – Review

by Emily Murray Six years after making his feature debut with the critically acclaimed Lilting, writer/director Hong Khaou is back with another affecting and beautifully told story about identity. Monsoon follows Henry Golding’s Kit as he journeys to his birth country of Vietnam to lay his parents to rest. Having grown up in the UK though, Kit is a stranger in a place he barely … Continue reading Monsoon – Review

Middling Earth: Sucker Punch (2011)

Zack Snyder’s work splits audiences down the middle. There are some who really don’t like his work, believing it to be style over substance. There are others who love his work. Enough to campaign online for his cut of Justice League. You know, those obsessive types who like his word-building and style. Personally, I am somewhere in the middle. I really like some of his … Continue reading Middling Earth: Sucker Punch (2011)