Rebecca – Brand New Trailer!

When it was announced that there would be another Rebecca film, there was a distinct split. Many believed it was wrong to adapt Daphne DeMurier tantalising novel after Alfred Hitchcock did so well in 1940. However, there were some, like us, who are big Ben Wheatley fans and are interested to see his interpretation of the novel.

And now Netflix have dropped the first trailer.

In place of Errol Flynn and Joan Fontaine are Armie Hammer and Lily James. The movie revolves around a young woman who marries rich widower Maxim de Winter. When she moves into his lavish home Manderley, she is dismayed to meet the cruel Mrs Danvers who loved Maxim’s previous wife Rebecca. However, could the ghost of her still be stalking the halls of Manderley?

Whilst it doesn’t have the tension of the original film, there is something haunting about this movie. Plus, there is insane chemistry between the two leads and Kristen Scott Thomas looks amazing as the sadistic Mrs Danvers. It is certain to have its detractors but we’re ultimately excited to see what magic Wheatley will conjure up.

What do you think?

Rebecca lands on Netflix on October 21st!


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