The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Brand New Teaser!

This is just a teaser. We know, it is just a teaser. But we had such fun with Kurt Russell as Father Christmas last year that we are completely stoked for another outing – this time with Russell’s actual-wife and absolute icon Goldie Hawn. We’re just pumped. We want something joyous in our lives. And this is it! The Christmas Chronicles 2 is out later … Continue reading The Christmas Chronicles 2 – Brand New Teaser!

10 Great Alternative Musicals!

Musicals. Who doesn’t love a good musical? All those show tunes and glittering love stories. Bright eyed dreamers who belt out number after number because they want something more from the world. From My Fair Lady to Mary Poppins, we’ve been over saturated with show tunes and sickly romance, so much so that we groan every time they appear on screen.We’ve gathered some lesser known … Continue reading 10 Great Alternative Musicals!