Bill & Ted Face The Music – Review

The appeal of Bill & Ted has stretched over generations. Many years we have partied on or tried to be excellent to one another (of course, some haven’t tried.) Now the loveable Keanu Reeves and the brilliant Alex Winters return in their epitomes roles in order to spread a little excellence into our lives.

Bill & Ted Face the Music: First trailer drops for cult comedy sequel
Bill & Ted Face the Music is set nearly thirty years after Bogus Journey where the Wyld Stallyns tried to create song to unite the world. Unfortunately, it turn s out the song they created in Bogus Journey wasn’t the winning ticket. Now aged, with daughters and marital problems, Bill and Ted are washed out musicians who have faded into obscurity. Suddenly, they are whisked off to the future where they are told they have to create the song or reality will disappear entirely! Heading into their trusted phone box, they hope they can find the answer by travelling through time.

The reunion of Reeves and Winter is phenomenal. Watching them slip back into the roles they originated when they were fresh-faced youngsters is like slipping into a warm bath. It is comfortable and familiar and even if you are wrinkling around the edges (in movie terms, that is,) it is still nice to melt into something so lovely. Together they navigate a pretty predictable plot and some long flat moments, managing to bring the hilarity when needed. The naïve innocence of Bill and Ted thinking they can solve the world-ending apocalyptic events as well as their crumbling marriage proves that just being excellent isn’t enough, you have to be proactive too.

Bill & Ted Team: Sequel Repeats Original's Perfect Casting | The Mary Sue
New additions to the story, Samira Wiley and Bridgette Lundy-Paine, portray the daughters’ of the titular pair Billie and Thea. They bring a new modern energy to the tale and it’s nice to see their energy thrive here. They meet old favourites such as William Sadler as the Grim Reaper.

The sweetness and the comedy are there but sometimes it is a struggle. Whilst there is one joke here that will make you laugh out loud, there is a lot of dead air between it. The evolution of the assassin robot, presumably a nod to the Terminator series, is giggle-worthy to begin with but soon the joke gets tiresome and old. Much like seeing different futuristic versions of themselves, eventually what was once funny becomes a bit stale.

Yet there is enough goodness here. The light-heartedness that peppered the original movies and the fantastic leads are enough to keep you involved. Highly enjoyable, you should definitely party on with Face the Music.

Bill & Ted Face the Music is out now! 

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