Miss Juneteenth – Review

Pageants and parents go hand in hand.  You see it all the time. Behind every girl competing is a mother bursting with pride or overburdening the girl with expectations. From Drop Dead Gorgeous to Dance Moms, there are many TV shows and movies that depict this. But none quite like Miss Juneteenth. Directed by Channing Godfrey Peoples, Miss Juneteenth revolves around Turquoise, a single mother … Continue reading Miss Juneteenth – Review

Supernova – Brand New Trailer

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are two of the world’s greatest actors. Now they are together in this seemingly emotional drama. Directed by Harry Maqueen, Supernova revolves around Tusker and Sam, a couple making their way across England in a campervan. However, Tusker has been diagnosed with early on-set dementia which seems to get progressively worse. This looks to be sensitive and stunningly performed. We’ve … Continue reading Supernova – Brand New Trailer