Eternal Beauty – Review

Portraying mental health in movies is a tricky and it has been fumbled so many times. From horrors that portray Multiple Personality Disorder as a menacing threat to dramas over-blowing the In dark comedies, it is even more difficult. You have to convey the seriousness of the illness whilst also adding some wit. Perhaps even some light-hearted moments. It is a tricky tapestry to weave. … Continue reading Eternal Beauty – Review

You Must Watch…Hannibal (Netflix)

I’ll preface this with some solid truth: I am a straight up Hannibal Lecter obsessive. When I was a kid, my Dad took me to Florence where I improv’d a Lecter tour of the city (Baltimore next.) Since watching Silence of the Lambs and having nightmares of the Doctor, I’ve been hooked – filling myself with every word written or said. In fact, I am … Continue reading You Must Watch…Hannibal (Netflix)