Jungleland – Review

The boxing drama genre is over-saturated with various movies. Blood-soaked, packing punches, and absolutely grim injuries, these movies all seemingly blend into one. An ex-boxer has one last attempt at redemption or there has been a severe accident, causing the boxer to rehabilitate this life. Or it is just Rocky. Jungleland has a different approach and, instead, focuses on the fighting beneath the surface. Directed … Continue reading Jungleland – Review

Cordelia – Review

There is something unsettling about the London-set psychological thriller, Cordelia and it isn’t the neighbour, Frank (Johnny Flynn) upstairs. The titular protagonist (Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who also co-wrote the script with the film’s director, Adrian Shergold) is an actress, who twelve years earlier had an experience on the tube that scarred her for life, after she gave up her seat for a blind man. Cordelia is … Continue reading Cordelia – Review

Happiest Season – Review

It’s Christmas time which means only one thing – cheesy romantic comedies and festive fun! Exciting. However, for many, many years mainstream releases have been deprived of LGBT festive stories. Luckily for us, Clea Duvall is here to save the day with a lovingly lesbian movie Happiest Season. Starring Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davies, Happiest Season revolves around the blissful couple Abby and Harper. On … Continue reading Happiest Season – Review

Uncle Frank – Review

Will British actor Paul Bettany ever get the recognition he deserves? A firm favourite of Ron Howard who cast him in A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code before tapping him for a key role in Solo: A Star Wars Story – his character was originally conceived as a computer generated alien, but Howard thought of Bettany and said, ‘we don’t need that’ – … Continue reading Uncle Frank – Review

Middling Earth: Love at the Thanksgiving Parade.

Crap movies are in abundance during the Christmas period. Because nothing says capturing the stress, love and tinsel than sandwiching awkward acting, a terrible story line and truly emotional moments over turkey and crackers. America is famed for churning out as man dullard based festive romps that head straight to the television like an elderly relative after five Sherries. The fluffy, gooey, overtly sentimental film … Continue reading Middling Earth: Love at the Thanksgiving Parade.

Unhinged – Review

Movies such as Falling Down, Joker, and Changing Lanes all depict a man on the edge who suffers a crisis due to the society and personal problems. They commit violent and heinous acts because of increasing pressures or family strife. Unhinged is the latest on those trio of movies. Directed by Derrick Borte, the film revolves around Rachel, a stressed women going through a problematic … Continue reading Unhinged – Review