Jungleland – Review

The boxing drama genre is over-saturated with various movies. Blood-soaked, packing punches, and absolutely grim injuries, these movies all seemingly blend into one. An ex-boxer has one last attempt at redemption or there has been a severe accident, causing the boxer to rehabilitate this life. Or it is just Rocky. Jungleland has a different approach and, instead, focuses on the fighting beneath the surface. Directed … Continue reading Jungleland – Review

Cordelia – Review

There is something unsettling about the London-set psychological thriller, Cordelia and it isn’t the neighbour, Frank (Johnny Flynn) upstairs. The titular protagonist (Antonia Campbell-Hughes, who also co-wrote the script with the film’s director, Adrian Shergold) is an actress, who twelve years earlier had an experience on the tube that scarred her for life, after she gave up her seat for a blind man. Cordelia is … Continue reading Cordelia – Review