Malcom & Marie – Review

By Emily Murray As COVID-19 took hold of the world, it has been interesting watching how the film industry has responded. With cinemas shutting, the release schedule thrown out of the window and productions delayed, there has been much conversation about what the future holds for the industry. What has been most fascinating to see though is how filmmakers themselves have creatively reacted to the … Continue reading Malcom & Marie – Review

Wander Darkly – Brand New Trailer!

What happens to us when we die? What makes us who we are? What is love? Writer-director Tara Miele tackles these thoughts in Wander Darkly. Starring Sienna Miller and Diego Luna in lead roles, the film revolves around couple Adrienne and Matteo who are struggling to cope. However, a tragic accident catapults them on a disorienting journey through their shared moments. Like a blend of … Continue reading Wander Darkly – Brand New Trailer!