Censor – Sundance 2021 Review

by Jordan King The advent of home video in the early 1980s heralded in a glorious new age for film-lovers the world over. After years of having to hope for cinema re-releases or heavily edited TV re-runs to roll around, viewers could pick their poison, pop it in the VHS player, and lose themselves in their latest obsession. As is the way with all great … Continue reading Censor – Sundance 2021 Review

The Capote Tapes – Review

Novelist Truman Capote is known for many things. He crafted phenomenal books such as In Cold Blood (1966), Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948,) and his most famous work Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1958.) The opening gay man was also a prominent socialite, attracting wealthy women and friends to his lavish parties where they’d indulge in secrets and sin. The other was his unique voice that was … Continue reading The Capote Tapes – Review