The Scary of Sixty-First – Berlinale 2021 Review

by Jordan King Debut writer-director Dasha Nekrasova, well-known for her left-leaning capitalist-critical podcast ‘Red Scare’, announces herself as a bold new voice in horror cinema with The Scary of Sixty-First. Certainly not a film to watch last thing before bed, Nekrasova’s film is a skin-crawling post-modern giallo imbued with the cruel edge of a video nasty. Shot through hazy 16mm stock, this slice of unholy … Continue reading The Scary of Sixty-First – Berlinale 2021 Review

Dramarama – Review

by Jordan King If your idea of getting high as a teen was more about singing Sondheim and playing improv theatre games than smashing shots and smoking weed, then HOO BOY do I have a film for you. Writer-director Jonathan Wysocki’s semi-autobiographical Dramarama, set in mid-90s America at a Victorian themed murder mystery party, is a coming-of-age film that acts as an unapologetic love letter … Continue reading Dramarama – Review