Palm Springs – Review

The time loop device has become a bit of hybrid genre, attaching itself to horror, thrillers, sci-fi, and romantic comedies. From television shows such as The X-Files to murder mystery film such as Happy Death Day, there are many character who have found themselves caught in an endless cycle in which they struggle to return. It’s a right old Groundhog Day situation.  Palm Springs, which … Continue reading Palm Springs – Review

Poppy Field – BFI Flare Film Festival Review

by Nathan Osborne In another debut feature scored by BFI Flare for its 2021 edition, Eigen Jebeleanu’s Poppy Field tackles a man’s balance between masculinity and homosexuality in this Romanian feature. When the screening of a queer film is interrupted by a group of homophobic, ultra-nationalist protestors, a closeted police officer is confronted by his sexuality in the macho hierarchal environment he has always tried … Continue reading Poppy Field – BFI Flare Film Festival Review