But I’m a Cheerleader – Review

by Sarah Cook Growing up a queer girl in the late nineties and early noughties was a trying experience. One that was rife with discovery and tiling over my identity over and over again. It was a time of discovering lesbian and bisexual media such as Sugar Rush, Skins (Naomily Forever,) and God forbid the movie version of Rent. Sometimes these movies were blighted by … Continue reading But I’m a Cheerleader – Review

See For Me – BFI London Film Festival

by Anton Bitel There is a loose subgenre of home invasion films in which the victims become trapped as much by their disability as by their domestic location – until they find eventual empowerment precisely in their disempowerment. In Walter Grauman’s A Lady In A Cage (1964), Olivia Havilland’s protagonist is rendered helpless both by a broken hip and the stalled cage elevator in which … Continue reading See For Me – BFI London Film Festival

The Reason I Jump – Review

by Leoni Horton As individuals, we are profoundly limited by the extent to which we can perceive the world around us. What aids our ability to empathise, learn and connect with the rest of the population, be that our family and friends or complete strangers, is our ability to communicate with one another and express ourselves through the medium of language— chiefly our unique ability … Continue reading The Reason I Jump – Review