You Must Watch…Squid Game

by Hamish Calvert South Korean film director and screenwriter Hwang Dong-hyuk’s latest project, survival drama Squid Game has seen him move from the big screen to the small screen. However, while his new TV show has quickly become one of Netflix’s most successful titles ever he’s revealed that it’s taken some time, over a decade in fact, to make the leap from script to screen. … Continue reading You Must Watch…Squid Game

The Beta Test – Review

by Anton Bitel Jim Cummings and PJ McCabe’s The Beta Test opens with a tense domestic situation. A Swedish woman surreptitiously calls the police about a fight in her LA apartment, before rejoining her husband at the dinner table. It is immediately clear that he is controlling, aggressive, gaslighting, abusive. Her fear evident, she mentions to him how, after receiving a “purple letter” inviting her … Continue reading The Beta Test – Review

Il Buco – BFI London Film Festival Review

by Tom Beasley Il Buco – known as The Hole in English – is a slow movie. I feel like that has to be stated up top. It’s resistant to any sort of plot, features almost no spoken dialogue and moves with all of the urgency of a tortoise accompanying his snail buddy on a leisurely trip to the shops. With that said, director Michelangelo … Continue reading Il Buco – BFI London Film Festival Review