Road to Woodsboro: You Must Watch…Scream (TV Series)

by Sarah Cook

When people talk about the Scream franchise, they often forget about the television series. There’s a lot of reasons why: the tiresome nostalgia aspect of revisiting material done better in the movies, eking out a slasher whodunit over several episodes, and, ultimately, changing the mask from this:

to this:

Yikes. Anyway, the Scream television series is often neglected and probably has been much criticised to hold weight in Wes Craven’s world of Ghostface. However, there is a lot to be enjoyed in a show filled with murder, mystery, and mayhem. Especially when Season 2 rolls around.

The television show heads to the fictional town of Lakewood where a couple of teenagers are just hanging out, having some laughs, and doing general teenager-y things. The town has a dark history and many of its residents have lots of secrets. Secrets that can be exploited by a crazy new serial killer in town. Young and popular Emma Duval, her childhood best friend Audrey,  podcaster Noah, and Lakewood’s mysterious newcomer Kieran are all targets and suspects in this familiar game of murder.

Season 1 of the show was a bit lacklustre. Taking itself a bit too seriously and missing the point of the fun of the films, the series limped on to a poor finale. Plus, the killer wasn’t inspiring at all.

Scream's missing season 3 - what happened to it?

However, Scream Season 2 was a doozy. As is with horror sequel lore, Season 2 upped the bloodiness. A sequence with a gym and an unfurling of a sign makes this gruesome sequel a brilliant, exhilarating watch. Plus, the villain reveal was really unpredictable and executed superbly, making Season 2 a hoot of a show.

In 2019, the show was rebooted again with Resurrection and ultimately faltered again – proving that third time wasn’t necessarily the charm.

For its pluses, actresses Wilma Fitzgerald and Bex Taylor-Klaus hold the first two seasons, and the special, together. They have a special chemistry with one another, and the script, that makes the audience really love and root for them. That is key to a slasher – you have to really like the leads – and Wilma and Bex are terrific here. Plus, Amadeus Serafini (a man with a truly incredible name) is great as the brooding bad boy Kieran.  

So, there are different levels of greatness for the Scream TV series. You can watch Season 1 for set-up, enjoy the hell out of Season 2, and take Season 3 (Resurrection) with a huge grain of salt (followed by a shot and a lime.) 

Either way, the bloody romps, the kill count, and some twisted storylines means that Scream is, at times, can be an extremely enjoyable watch.

Scream is available on Netflix
Scream 5 is out in cinemas Friday 14 January.

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