Ant-Man and The Wasp – Review

I know what you’re thinking – do we really need another film where a miniature or indeed gigantic version of Paul Rudd is trying to help the universe in some way with his sheer charisma and dashing smile? The answer…yes, yes we really do. If you are expecting a killer narrative with twists and turns and an epic resolution; Ant-Man and The Wasp doesn’t exactly … Continue reading Ant-Man and The Wasp – Review

Mirai – Review

From the story to the animation, of latest film from Japanese director, writer Mamoru Hosoda there is no doubt about it – Mirai will win your heart over. There is nothing quite like waiting for your next dose of magic in the beautifully distinctive form of Anime, and once again this simplistic, yet poignant tale hit’s the spot satisfying your every need (minus the infamous … Continue reading Mirai – Review

The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine – Review

First up – prepare for the internal battle you will have with your brain, desperately trying to persuade it to stop singing Beatles songs, over and over again after viewing ‘The Yellow Submarine’. There are certainly worse things to have stuck in one’s head than these glorious tunes; and this restored version of such an iconic animation still holds impeccably well against time. Despite the … Continue reading The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine – Review

Murder on the Orient Express – Review

Oh Branagh…Professor Lockhart, Benedick and now the fabulous mustache donning Hercule Poirot in this lavish Agatha Christie infused murder mystery. From directing, acting and writing this man’s talent has no end; playing incredible homage to the source material, Murder on the Orient Express has a true ‘whodunit’ classic feel about it. Poirot, the world’s most famous detective desperately wants to take a break but it … Continue reading Murder on the Orient Express – Review

Thor: Ragnarok – Review

Thor, with short hair? What is this madness? It almost felt like the world imploded in itself for a split second and mourned for this man’s golden locks; yet don’t let that put you off, THOR: Ragnarok is sheer hammer smashing entertainment that is sure to impress.  As an imprisoned Thor, suspended from the ceiling narrates his story to a corpse in a terribly satirical … Continue reading Thor: Ragnarok – Review

Dunkirk – Review

When we hear Christopher Nolan’s name our mind wonders to the deep chasms of Inception, the sinister world of Bruce Wayne, or to the vast open landscape of Intersteller’s space. This beyond talented writer, director has dabbled in many different realms bending and pushing the boundaries of our reality as we know it; producing features that truly resonate within one’s mind. Much like the aforementioned … Continue reading Dunkirk – Review