DirectedByWomen: Class of 2017 – Genesis Cinema

There is a saying; Behind every good man is a great woman. Sometimes, however, the great woman decides it’s time to step out from the shadow of men and remind us all that men aren’t the only ones who can do things. It is from this that Genesis Cinema is hosting DirectedByWomen 2017 on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of November! Over this two day … Continue reading DirectedByWomen: Class of 2017 – Genesis Cinema

Bushwick – Review

Bushwick feels like it’s trying to be a curious combination of The Purge: Anarchy and Red Dawn, with a healthy dollop of the American Civil War 2.0 thrown in for good measure as the film follows Lucy, (Brittany Snow) a 20 year old student who has returned to her home neighbourhood of Bushwick with her boyfriend, only to discover masked men shooting everyone in sight … Continue reading Bushwick – Review

Father Figures – Brand New Trailer!

The buddy comedy is the simplest of all films. Take two people whose personalities are polar opposites, then shove them into a scenario where they can’t easily escape from each other and eventually have them both learn something about the other’s way of life that makes it seem not so bad. Shove in a few celebrity cameos and you’ve got a sure-fire audience pleaser on … Continue reading Father Figures – Brand New Trailer!

Ferrari: Race to Immortality – Brand New Trailer!

For most people, the Ferrari is a car to be desired, all the while acknowledging that the fantasy will never become a reality. For the rest, it’s a car to look smug in as you travel within the speed limit of the country you are driving in. Ferrari: Race to Immortality, tells the story of the people who would race in the Formula One Grand … Continue reading Ferrari: Race to Immortality – Brand New Trailer!

Dream Journal (Short) – BFI Film Festival Review

I don’t need an entire article to review Dream Journal. I only need seven words: What the FUCK did I just watch? Dream Journal is a three minute short film and part of Channel 4’s Random Acts, random being the operative word here. The short describes itself as amateur 3D animation and computer generated niche erotica.Throughout the film’s runtime, we follow a head placed on … Continue reading Dream Journal (Short) – BFI Film Festival Review

Road to Mandalay – Review

Recently, Myanmar has been in the news due to its ethnic cleansing of the Rohingya Muslims (although the current leaders vehemently deny these allegations.) The persecution of its minority groups has caused a large number of them to flee to neighbouring countries in order to escape persecution and make a better life for themselves and their families. It is this aspect that Director Midi Z … Continue reading Road to Mandalay – Review