London Film Academy Announce £23,000 Scholarship for Promising Female Filmmaker!

As with so many industries, the number of male filmmakers vastly outweighs the number of females. This is a terrible shame, and it is the reason why there are numerous companies out there offering incentives to entice more women into the line of work. One of the biggest companies in England is the London Film Academy (LFA) which is also Britain’s only women led film … Continue reading London Film Academy Announce £23,000 Scholarship for Promising Female Filmmaker!

B3 Media’s Talentlab 2017!

We’ve all had that problem, you’re sitting there, staring at your computer screen trying your hardest to turn your awesome idea into a reality, but it’s really hard to do because you don’t know who to contact to make it happen. Luckily, B3 Media’s Talentlab is back for a fifth year to help turn the stuff of your dreams into a project that you can … Continue reading B3 Media’s Talentlab 2017!

Double Date – Brand New Trailer!

One of the most horrible aspects of being single is the dating scene. In order to find that perfect match you have to suffer through the imperfect ones, those who are too apathetic, don’t like the same things as you do, or think it’s cute to send you pictures of their pets dressed up in strange outfits. Then you have the worst of all, the … Continue reading Double Date – Brand New Trailer!

6 Below – Brand New Trailer!

The touching recreations of human survival are always interesting to watch. Though, they’re much more fascinating if they’re delivered as a documentary, incorporating interviews with the people involved. It helps to add a sense of realism and emotional impact to the story. 6 Below has gone for the more common device of dramatic retelling, where everyone is impossibly good looking and you can make some … Continue reading 6 Below – Brand New Trailer!

Chicken – Review

One of the main aspects of filmmaking, aside from entertaining the audience, is to be provocative and send a message that highlights some sort of issue, be it social, moral or spiritual. It’s not strictly speaking necessary, but when the audience leave with the moral of the film still sitting in the forefront of their minds, it adds a little more meat to the bone … Continue reading Chicken – Review