Nobody – Review

by Jordan King Directed by Ilya Naishuller (Hardcore Henry) and written by Derek Colstad (John Wick creator), Nobody is the latest in a long line of geri-action, dadsploitation pieces of pulp fiction, an unexpectedly popular strain of action films that extends all the way back to Liam Neeson’s 2008 star vehicle Taken. As it turns out, not only is Nobody the latest, but also the … Continue reading Nobody – Review

The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It

by Jordan King The ‘Devil Made Me Do It’ case, to which the third mainline instalment in The Conjuring franchise owes its name, represents a landmark moment in American judicial history. On February 16, 1981, in Brookfield, Connecticut, Arne Cheyenne Johnson – allegedly under the possession of a demon he had invited into his body to free 11-year-old David Glatzel and his family from – … Continue reading The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It

Unpopped Kernels: Oxygen (2021) – Review

by Jordan King Oxygen, the latest feature from The Hills Have Eyes rebootand Crawl director Alexandre Aja (and the French director’s first work in his mother tongue since 2003 slasher Switchblade Romance), sees Melanie Laurent in a tricky situation to say the least. Having torn her way out of a womb-like cocoon of sorts, Laurent’s character finds herself trapped in a cryogenic chamber with a … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: Oxygen (2021) – Review

You Must Watch…Invincible

by Jordan King In the past year or so, with cinemas strictly off-limits, comic book fans have been forced to turn to the small screen for their fix of spandex-clad superheroics. Fortunately, with the likes of WandaVision, The Boys, Superman & Lois, and most recently Falcon & The Winter Soldier hitting various streaming platforms, there’s been no shortage of quality material to dive into. The … Continue reading You Must Watch…Invincible

Sound of Metal – Review

by Jordan King There is a huge difference between hearing and listening, and writer-director Darius Marder alongside co-writer and brother Abraham Marder, explore that difference to profound effect with Sound of Metal. Navigating wildly differing perspectives and outlooks on deafness through audio-based POV shifts as we follow drummer Ruben (Riz Ahmed) and his experience with sudden hearing loss, Marder and his mercurial muse create a … Continue reading Sound of Metal – Review