Our Last Tango – Review

Our Last Tango is a beautifully choreographed docudrama from start to finish. I realise this is oxymoronic at first glance – how can a biopic about a truly chaotic couple be as rhythmic as the music so close to its heart? I tell you, it is a love story so compelling and beautifully sad that you’ll have trouble believing it was not written by some … Continue reading Our Last Tango – Review

Essex Spacebin – A Review?

I was due to write a full review on this  recently released, cutting edge, independent film. But I can’t really full comprehend what the hell I’ve just watched. It’s infiltrated my brain with it’s own brand of oddity, to use the term in it’s most understated sense. But I have no fucking clue what the hell it was. You know when you and your friends … Continue reading Essex Spacebin – A Review?

Loving – Review

With all the news headlines we have had recently surrounding racial segregation, it is unsurprising that people are afraid. Why? We have been segregated in the past. We have seen the damage it causes. We hoped we had learned from our experience and grown as a species. But as history is so often doomed to repeat itself, here we are again at the brink. And … Continue reading Loving – Review

T2 Trainspotting – Review

Classic novels. Classic music. Classic Coke. Classic humous. The word classic is thrown around a lot these days. Made a good joke? Classic. Bob get wasted at a party and pass out? Well that’s classic Bob! But then we have a special phrase which is almost exclusively reserved for film. The ‘Cult Classic’. A film which epitomises a genre or stands alone amongst fans as … Continue reading T2 Trainspotting – Review