The Surrogate – Review

by Robbie Jones Jeremy Hersh’s directorial debut centres on Jessica (Jasmine Batchelor), a graphic designer for a non-profit organisation who is unhappy with her position in life. Things are turned around suddenly when her best friends Josh (Chris Perfetti) and Aaron (Sullivan Jones) ask her to be the surrogate for their child. All is going well until the 13 week mark, where the trio learn … Continue reading The Surrogate – Review

93rd Academy Awards – Predictions

The time has come; the 93rd Academy Awards are upon us, thus bringing to a close another awards season. It was as exciting and insufferable as ever, but as of tonight, the cards will be on the table. And we will have our winners. But whos’ going to take home the gold? Some awards seem like they’re set in stone, others are impossible to say….So … Continue reading 93rd Academy Awards – Predictions

The 93rd Academy Awards 2021 – Nominations

It’s everyone’s favourite time of year…. We cheer, we moan, we rage and we delight as the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences release their nominees for the Oscars. Even with a year like 2020, where it felt like there was nothing to see, it’s been made abundantly clear that there was an excellent spread of cinema to choose from. Let’s take a look … Continue reading The 93rd Academy Awards 2021 – Nominations

The Best of Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live

Sometimes, an actor bursts onto the scenes and wins the hearts (and ovaries) of every one that sees him. Adam Driver is one of those actors. Rising to prominence on the HBO series Girls, he enjoyed a healthy stream of independent films before taking on a bigger role as Kylo Ren in Disney’s continuation of the Star Wars franchise. Since then, he’s starred in a … Continue reading The Best of Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live