BFI March Listings

Now that Moonlight has rightfully enjoyed it’s moment in the awards season spotlight, it seems highly appropriate that the BFI Southbank is bringing us a month jam packed with screenings and events celebrating diversity in cinema. The first half of March sees the BFI saluting women in film, both on screen and behind the lens, in honour of  International Women’s Day. The presence of influential … Continue reading BFI March Listings

BFI – January and February Listings

The new year is now firmly upon us, and by now resolutions have been thoroughly broken, and the first wave of celebrity deaths has crashed in. No need to be too down about 2017 just yet though, as the BFI Southbank has resolved to offer cinephiles a treasure trove of celluloid treats to help them through these cold winter months. The jewel in the Southbank … Continue reading BFI – January and February Listings

Where To Invade Next – Review

Michael Moore is a divisive film-maker. Acerbic and essential, smug and self-effacing, indispensable and irrelevant, Moore and his films have been praised and damned in equal measure over the years. Ultimately though, a large part of whether or not you enjoy his films comes down to your own political leanings and how tolerable you find Moore himself. I, personally. am a fan of Moore, particularly … Continue reading Where To Invade Next – Review