Baywatch – Review

Perhaps it began with Starsky and Hutch? It was certainly perfected by 21 Jump Street. Parody-esque reboots of vintage TV shows have been peppered through recent film history. They’re fun, they’re dumb, and they’re a good Sunday afternoon watch. Baywatch pretty much fits the bill, there. Taking the reins from the untouchable David Hasslehoff, Dwayne Johnson steps into the shoes of Mitch Buchanan in this … Continue reading Baywatch – Review

All Ahh, No Tchoo: Stop with the Ambiguous Horror Endings

If you’ve watched pretty much any horror film in the last twenty years, you’ll be familiar with a phenomenon I like to call: “All Aah, no Choo.” It’s a sneeze metaphor, and yes, it sounds better out loud than it looks written down but shh, listen: How many horror movies have you sat through, tensed up, clenched fists, gasping in all the right places, just … Continue reading All Ahh, No Tchoo: Stop with the Ambiguous Horror Endings

Spark -Trailer

The animated action movie Spark has a new trailer! The titular Spark is a teenage monkey alien from Planet Bana, a world which has been enslaved by the power-mad General Zhong. Attempting to build history’s deadliest weapon by harnessing the power of the Kraken, General Zhong’s usual egotistical idiocy reaches dangerous new levels as he teeters on the verge of destruction (that sounds disconcertingly familiar). … Continue reading Spark -Trailer

The Hippopotamus – Trailer

The movie adaptation of Stephen Fry’s 1994 novel The Hippopotamus now has a trailer – boasting a sufficiently pissed Roger Allam in the titular role of the Hippo himself – a once successful poet turned fired alcoholic theatre-reviewer. The Hippo, Ted Wallace (Allam), is paid handsomely to investigate a series of unexplained miracle healings at the manor of his friends Lord and Lady Logan. Hopefully … Continue reading The Hippopotamus – Trailer

Mary Poppins Returns: First Look

We don’t have much in the way of glimpses at Mary Poppins returns just yet, but from what we do have it looks like Emily Blunt has found her calling as she steps in to the shoes of history’s most magical nanny. Alongside the not even slightly overrated Meryl Streep, Blunt heads a cast of pure talent, featuring Colin Firth, Julie Walters, Ben Whishaw, Emily … Continue reading Mary Poppins Returns: First Look