You Must Watch…The Great

Anti-historical period dramas became popular thanks to Yorgos Lanthimos’ award-winning The Favourite. Based on the reign of Queen Anne in 1711, the film was praised for its dark wit and blunt delivery as well as the performances and production design. One of the writers of The Favourite, Tony McNamara decided to take his anti-historical format to the small screen with a droll take on Catherine … Continue reading You Must Watch…The Great

10 Memorable Movie Mothers!

Hey all you baby makers, adoptive human growers and people with bosoms that comfort everyone who smooshes their face into it. It is indeed a day of celebration that have taken care of us in a motherly fashion. For many, mothers are God or a beacon of love, devotion and laughter. In movies, this often feels the same, with our favourite characters helping raise our characters … Continue reading 10 Memorable Movie Mothers!

International Women’s Day: Our Favourite Influential Female Characters

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone! Today we celebrate everything glorious about womanhood. From your mother and your best friend to the influencers and the ground-breakers. The kind, the generous, the loving, the ambitious, the fearless, the determined, the grand, the just, and the absolute glorious goddess we deal with day to day! We urge everyone to celebrate a woman today and strive to make … Continue reading International Women’s Day: Our Favourite Influential Female Characters

You Must Watch…WandaVision (2021)

by Chris Connor WandaVision offers an intriguing glimpse at a different corner of the MCU. With the arrival of Disney + in 2019, Disney has announced that many of its properties from Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel. Following on from the huge success of The Mandalorian, WandaVision is the first Marvel TV spin off to arrive on Disney +. The story picks up shortly after … Continue reading You Must Watch…WandaVision (2021)

Choose Life – Celebrating 25 Years of Trainspotting

It’s been twenty-five years since the release of Trainspotting. The now cult fan favourite is still on that scummy pedestal, steaming with decay and delicate visceral emotion. So let’s pile back into the worst toilet in Scotland to revel in the goodness that was Danny Boyle’s 1996 classic (which now celebrates its 20th Anniversary). So why did the Trainspotting work so well? Trainspotting, for those … Continue reading Choose Life – Celebrating 25 Years of Trainspotting