Little Women – Review

Louisa May Alcott’s incredible Little Women has had numerous adaptations over the past few years including films, a limited series, and even a musical. The story of four sisters growing up during the American Civil War has touched the lives of countless generations and is so popular that it is even referenced in TV show Friends. Now accomplished filmmaker (and indie darling) Greta Gerwig has … Continue reading Little Women – Review

Unpopped Kernels: The Voices (2015)

Oh Ryan Reynolds – there is no denying that he is an excellent actor. In fact, through Van Wilder and Wade Wilson, Reynolds has charged the industry with these sarcastic and droll characters that we love. The problem isn’t Reynolds, it’s the films he had been in; RIPD, Wolverine Origins, and the aforementioned Wilder hasn’t exactly been fantastic cinema. Unfortunately, it has marred the talented actor … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: The Voices (2015)

The Elephant Man – Review

The Victorian Era is a fascinating era to portray on film. The crimes, the outfits, and the gin-swilling antics have all become highly recognisable on the big screen. However, when capturing the smog, dirt, and human indecency, no movie compares to David Lynch’s The Elephant Man. Based on the memories of Dr. Frederick Treves and his work with Joseph Merrick (named in the film as … Continue reading The Elephant Man – Review

The Goldfinch – Review

Look, there has been a tentative relationship between books and films since the conception of cinema. Despite there being an obvious difference between the mediums, many people wail at shoddy adaptations. Whilst I agree that there has been some mismanagement in the past, sometimes movies have to cut chunks of the story or alter it for a cinematic narrative, there are glorious book depictions on … Continue reading The Goldfinch – Review

Semi-Popped Kernels: Mars Attacks! (1996)

Tim Burton is now a name in cinematic fare that requires a lengthy sigh leaving it. The air gushing from your mouth and the roll of your eyes sounds like a thunder storm from here. Whilst many heralded him as their gothic prince who created stripy insanity such as A Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands, many more people are getting sick of his antics, … Continue reading Semi-Popped Kernels: Mars Attacks! (1996)

Reign of the Supermen – Review

There’s a whole world of Superhero movies you probably haven’t heard of and that’s the DC animated series. The cartoon movies immortalised DC’s greatest heroes such as Batman and Superman in some pretty impressive outings such as The Mask of the Phantasm and more. More versed comic fans enjoy these outings regularly and some iconic voice work has been at play in these brilliant movies. … Continue reading Reign of the Supermen – Review