Middling Earth: Last Christmas – Review

The cinema schedule ticks along like clockwork. Award season films, blockbuster films, and festival films all revolve and rotate seamlessly, with no let up. Come November, a good month before the actual holiday, you can guarantee that we’re going to be inundated with cheesy Christmas films. You know the type. Sickly sweet carols as someone learns to true meaning of life is to be selfish … Continue reading Middling Earth: Last Christmas – Review

Relic – Review

by Sarah Miles The best horror movies are ones that tap into something more than simple scares. Night of the Living Dead features the breakdown of society with an undercurrent of Civil Rights era tension, 2019’s Invisible Man is overtly about abusive relationships, and Pulse (Kairo) expresses loneliness and depression with soul chilling truth. When you can scare people on multiple levels; the visceral, emotional, … Continue reading Relic – Review

The Craft: Legacy – Review

The Craft was a really significant film for children and teenagers in the nineties. Especially girls. Blossoming young witches who tried to do spells at their sleepovers and hoped that one day they could really levitate their friends using their forefingers. Some of these girls went into adulthood still clinging to their pentagrams and crystals and belief in the supernatural world. A movie about power … Continue reading The Craft: Legacy – Review

The Witches (2020) – Review

If you were a child during the nineties, you would have been inevitably and irreversibly perturbed by Nicolas Roeg’s The Witches. Based on an equally creepy book by children’s author Roald Dahl, the 1990 movie revolves around a young boy trying to stop a bunch of witches from turning all children into mice. With Anjelica Houston as the most insanely evil Grand High Witch, and … Continue reading The Witches (2020) – Review

Rebecca – Review

Daphne Du Murier’s Gothic romance Rebecca is one of the epitomes stories of all time. It tells the tale of a young girl who meets millionaire Maxim DeWinter on holiday. This fairy-tale romance soon leads to a whirlwind marriage and the new Mrs DeWinter is taken to Maxim’s estate, Manderley. When she arrives, she finds that the lavish home is still plagued by Rebecca, Maxim’s … Continue reading Rebecca – Review