Hope – Review

by Chris Connor Maria Sødahl’s Limbo earned rave reviews upon its release in 2010. Her first film since Limbo, Hope is semi-autobiographical exploring her experiences with cancer.  It’s a deeply intimate and moving depiction of the effects the illness has on our relationships with those closest to us. In Hope, Andrea Bræin Hovig’s Anja is a successful choreographer with an international career, in a relationship … Continue reading Hope – Review

Encounter – Review

The opening minutes of Encounter prepare you for a science-fiction adventure. A meteor hurtling through space enters the Earth’s atmosphere and casts a streak of light over a suburban American town. Like a latter-day Roy Neary, the protagonist of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind, former marine Malik Khan (the ever-watchable Riz Ahmed) is on a singular mission: to take his two young … Continue reading Encounter – Review

West Side Story – Review

by Chris Connor West Side Story is among the most recognisable Musicals in Cinema history; it was the highest-grossing film of 1961 and earned 10 Oscars including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for Rita Moreno’s portrayal of Anita. In his first musical outing, Steven Spielberg has remade the classic, but is it any good? The bulk of the original story remains intact, … Continue reading West Side Story – Review

C’mon C’mon – Review

by Chris Connor Mike Mills has built a stellar reputation over the past twenty years with his 2010 and 2016 films Beginners and 20th Century Women earning stellar reviews and tackling some hefty themes. Mills returns with his first effort in five years with C’mon C’mon which has earned very positive early reviews and been marked as an outside contender for awards season. C’mon C’mon … Continue reading C’mon C’mon – Review

House of Gucci – Review

by Sarah Cook House of Gucci released one of the best trailers of the year. Set to a thumping eighties soundtrack, and boasting outrageous accents and iconic lines, it teased a triumphant, camp, and outrageous journey. The film itself is much more of a slog; failing to capture the highs of its marketing campaign and languishing in a stuffy drama that is quite dull in … Continue reading House of Gucci – Review