Blithe Spirit – Trailer

Based on a play by Noel Coward, Blithe Spirit revolves around a séance gone wrong when troubled author Charles is stalked by his dead first wife Elvira, who soon has problems with Charles’ second wife Ruth… Starring Dan Stevens, Leslie Mann, Isla Fischer, and Judi Dench, this looks fun enough and the cast looks terrific but Coward’s play has been adapted many times. Could this … Continue reading Blithe Spirit – Trailer

Chaos Walking – Brand New Trailer!

Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking trilogy is an impressive science fiction romp and now it has an epic adaptation led by Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley. Directed by Doug Liman (Edge of Tomorrow), Chaos Walking revolves around Viola who crashes on an unknown planet where all women have been wiped out. There she meets Todd and discovers that all men have something called The Noise – … Continue reading Chaos Walking – Brand New Trailer!

Happiest Season – Brand New Trailer!

Kristen Stewart and MacKenzie Davies play a lesbian couple at Christmas time. Oh, do you want more to entice you? OK. Dan Levy plays the Stewart’s best friend. Oh do you want MORE? It is directed by Clea DuVall. More? IT ALSO HAS AUBREY PLAZA! Ok so important stuff. The film arrives on streaming in time for Christmas and it looks great. It revolves around … Continue reading Happiest Season – Brand New Trailer!

Wild Mountain Thyme – Brand New Trailer!

Irish accents performed by those who are not from Ireland are often derided and mocked. They are especially bad when they appear in terrible romantic comedies such as Leap Year or P.S. I Love You. Now enters Wild Mountain Thyme to that list. Directed by John Patrick Shanley, the film revolves around two star-crossed lovers whose families are feuding over a piece of land. With … Continue reading Wild Mountain Thyme – Brand New Trailer!

Supernova – Brand New Trailer

Colin Firth and Stanley Tucci are two of the world’s greatest actors. Now they are together in this seemingly emotional drama. Directed by Harry Maqueen, Supernova revolves around Tusker and Sam, a couple making their way across England in a campervan. However, Tusker has been diagnosed with early on-set dementia which seems to get progressively worse. This looks to be sensitive and stunningly performed. We’ve … Continue reading Supernova – Brand New Trailer