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91st Academy Awards – Live Blog!

Keep up to speed with the hot gossip, the

Ceremony Shenanigans.

00.32 – We have less than half an hour!

00.56 – Here we go…

01.00 – Has Bohemian Rhapsody ruined Queen? Mayhaps. Mayhaps.

01.01 – If Glenn Close doesn’t win tonight….

Image result for the boo boo box gif
01.05 – Look at all the clips of films that weren’t nominated.

01.06 – Just make them host. MAKE THEM HOST!

01.07 – Let THEM HOST!

01.09 – Best Supporting Actress Goes to……Regina King!

01.14 – Helen Mirren and Jason Mamoa look amazing together!

01.15 – Best Documentary Goes To…. Free Solo!

01.15 – I still think Alex is gonna fall of that cliff.

01.24 – Words I never thought I’d hear….”From Rage Against the Machine…”

01.25 = Best Make-Up and Hairstyling goes to… Vice!

01.27 – Puppet Rabbit to Host!

01.28 – Best Costume Design goes to… Black Panther!

01.38 – Best Production Design Goes to… Black Panther! AGAIN!

01.43 – Best Cinematography Goes to… Alfonso Cuaron!

01.47 – Is having no host working?

01.52 – The song was dire but Hudson was amazing. And the LOOK!

01.55 – Best Sound Editing Goes To…. Bohemian Rhapsody

01.58 – Best Sound Mixing Goes To…. Bohemian Rhapsody

02.04 – This is going speedily along, isn’t it?

02.05 – They subbed him advanced!

02.05 – Best Foreign Language Film Goes To…ROMA!

02.15 – Love tat Mel Gibson joke

02.17 – Best Editing Goes To…Bohemian Rhapsody.

02.20 – Best Supporting Actor Goes To…. Mahershala Ali

02.28 – Dern. Dern. DERN!

02.29 – Best Animated Feature  Goes To….Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse!

)2.30 – All hail John Mulaney’s suit!

02.40 – Best Animated Short Film Goes To…Bao

02.46 – Best Documentary Short Film Goes To…Period End of Sentence.

02.56 – Best Visual Effects Goes To…First Man!

03.07 – Best Live Action short goes to Skin!

03.09 – Best Original Screenplay goes to… Green Book

03.13 – Best Adapted Screenplays goes to… BlacKkKlansman!

03.21 – Best Original Score goes to… Black Panther!

03.24 – Best Original Song goes to…Shallow!

03.38 – Best Actor Award goes to… Rami Malek

03.51 – Best Actress Goes to… Olivia Colman!

04.08 – Best Director goes to Alfonso Cuaron!

04.13 – Best Picture goes to… Green Book

Red Carpet Shenanigans!

Live from 22.00 GMT

21:20 – Sorry guys, this Instagram post by Anne Hathaway already wins.

21.45 – We stan one legend. 

22.01 – As teens we were too busy listening to My Chemical Romance but look at Elsie Fisher. Look at her!

22.08 – Award Season MVP Shangela slays the Red Carpet already.

22.15 – Hi, yes, police? I’d like to report a murder. The victim? Every one on the Oscar Red Carpet because BIlly Porter has not come to play.

22.33 – Spike Lee continues his purple reign.

22.48 – Danielle McDonald – Wwe praise you!

22.59 – So glad that immortal band Queen are getting some recognition. I mean – who heard of them before BoRap? Right?



23.03 – Bryan Tyree Henry has the best suit. Convince me otherwise.

23.06 – Michelle Yeoh looks amazing – Oh my god.

23.11 – Chris Evans is going blue tonight and we’re loving it.

23.15 – All hail the King!

23.16 – I bless every designer who has worked with plus-sized celebrities because the looks are so fucking good.

23.21 – Melissa McCarthy. Pant Suit. Cape. Done.

23.27 – Lady Gaga is going to win” Dianne Warren is a babe


23.38 – Such a good boi.

23.41 – Spike honouring Prince is all we need.

23.42 – And we are telling you….we love Jennifer Hudson!

23.46 – Glenn’s Close, but will she go all the way.

23.55 – One true bromance.

23.58 – Sigh – I wish I was Amy Poehler.


00.10 – Spider-Boys

00.16 – Holy shit – Charlize Theron.

00.42 – Queen Olivia is HERE


00.43 – Paul Rudd – you know where the Fountain of Youth is….

Independent Spirit Awards – 2019 Winners!

Let’s face it – we all feel like the Award seasons are shit and really cannot wait for the Academy Awards to be over.

But in the ray of light within the darkness of the season is the Independent Spirit Award which, up until recently, has just been the Academy Awards a day earlier. Now there seems to be a direct split with not one Best Director from the Academy selection having an Independent Spirit Award and a Best Picture category that looks like this.

Oh yeah, that’s the good shit right there.

Hosted by Aubrey Plaza, who proved superb in her delivery and wit, the Independent Spirit Award showcased some worthy winners. The big heavy awards went to Barry Jenkins and his incandescent If Beale Street Talk, walking away with Best Director and Best Feature Film. He used his time of stage to celebrate female directors, big up Lynne Ramsay, and basically geek out!

Richard E. Grant scooped up Best Supporting Actor, finally, showing that his pure unadulterated joy/conniving dastardly plan is working. Best Supporting Actress went to the Queen Regina King for Beale Street.

Glenn Close accepted her award for Best Actress with her dog which we should do more and more of. Bring your pets to Award Season seems like a better year than the pile of dog dodo we’ve had this year. Best Actor went to Ethan Hawke for which means most of film twitter could, for a while, retire this meme.

Related image

Other notable awards go to Joe Bini for his superb editing on Lynne Ramsay’s You Were Never Really Here. Bo Burnham scooped up the award for Best First Screenplay and Boots Riley won for Best First Feature for Sorry to Bother You. Nicole Holofcener and Jeff Whitty won for Best Screenplay for Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Don’t you just love the indies?

Usually we end this sort of coverage with a full list of winners. But seeing as you can find them here, we just want to share we you Shangela’s performance because it is a slice of fried gold. And by fried gold, we mean chicken nuggets.

The Souvenir – Brand New Trailer!

Joanna Hogg has been one of Britain’s gifted directors telling gorgeous, heartfelt stories.

She now returns with what could be her best work yet.

Starring Tilda Swinton and her daughter Honor Swinton Byrne, The Souvenir tells the story of a young film student who becomes attached to an untrustworthy suitor.

With high praise coming from film festivals such as Sundance and Berlinale, this looks to be an impressive movie. What do you think?

The Souvenir is out later this year. 

Shaft – Brand New Trailer!

Who’s the guy returning in yet another movie outing?

That’s right…SHAFT!

When his best friend dies, John Shaft Jr, an FBI cyber security expert enlists  the help of his of his father, legendary cop John Shaft II.

Starring Jessie T Usher, Smauel L. Jackson, and Richard Roundtree, this looks brilliantly ridiculous and we’re excited to see three generations of Shaft walk the streets of New York again. What do you think?

Shaft is out later this year! 

Long Shot – Brand New Trailer!

We do love Seth Rogen here and we’re even more excited to see him paired off with Charlize Theron.

The Long Shot revolves around a journalist who finds himself as an intergral cog to a woman’s quest to be the first female president.

This looks sweet and we think Rogan and Theron have bouts of chemistry just from the trailer. What do you think?

The Long Shot is out later this year! 

The Dirt – Brand New Trailer!

The one thing crazier than their music….was their private lives.

Or something something to that affect. That’s right – yet another biographical movie about a classic rock band/artist is coming out and it, unsurprisingly, looks like every other biopic out there.

The Dirt revolves around Motley Crue and all their on-stage and off-stage antics.

Yep – it looks alright for a Sunday watch. What do you think?

The Dirt is out on Netflix on 22nd March!