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The Girl On The Train – Brand New Trailer!

When a movie excels, there are a bunch of movies that follows like lost puppies and are heralded as “this year’s (insert successful film now.)” The new one at the moment is Gone Girl. Every female led thriller is now touted as “this year’s Gone Girl” as though people are trying to imitate the successes of better films beforehand. The Girl On The Train is trying to imitate the Fincher Thriller so well, even down to cold blue aesthetics.

But does it look any good?

The film starring Emily Blunt revolves around a young woman who disappears one afternoon whilst taking a run. When a witness comes forward, stating that she saw a suspect and the woman whilst flitting by on the train, it seems the truth isn’t as simple as suburbia starts spiralling out of control.

Emily Blunt is an accomplished actresses and this movie also stars Louis Theroux, Hayley Bennett, and Luke Evans. But this film seems a little bit too much like a cable film than stellar movie outing.

What do you think?

The Girl On The Train is out later this year 

Jason Bourne – Brand New Trailer!

As previously mentioned yesterday, the icon forgetful spy is something of a legendary role for Matt Damon. We’ve had countless adventures with the amnesia addled agent and we’re getting the promise of a grittier one who, like, takes punches semi-nude and cavorts down city streets in car speed chases and all that action packed awesomeness.

The brand new spy movie sees Bourne back in the driving seat after Jeremy Renner’s stint. There’s not much to go on, simply that Jason is roughing and toughing it again, trying to get some answers and destroy some people and stuff at the same time.

Yep. It’s pretty much a whole lot of the same. But if Damon wanted to continue producing a lot more of the Bourne series, we’ve had a few ideas:

Bourne This Way – Jason tackles sexuality and Lady Gaga
Bourne To Be Wild – Jason gallivants down the highways on his motorcycle.
Bourne Free – Jason helps a nature reserve…
Bourne in the USA – Jason helps bring down the republicans…

The possibilities are endless!

Jason Bourne is out August 

Everybody Wants Some – Brand New Trailer!

Richard Linklater is one of our greatest filmmakers. The director has not had a bad movie yet. The film maestro keeps hitting cinematic balls out of the park and we catch them with the utmost glee. And it seems he is doing it again with comedy Everybody Wants Some.

Set in the 80s this time, it follows a group of college baseball players who navigate their way through the freedoms and responsibilities of unsupervised adulthood. Much like the first film, the cast is predominantly unknowns. But that’s okay, any platform for fresh young talent is welcomed, plus last time around, it introduced us to Matthew McConaughey, as well as Ben Affleck (Whether or not that’s a win is up to you).

Yet again, there is a ferocious critical acclaim for the film which is to be expected with a Linklater film. The movie also stars the likes of Blake Jenner, Zoey Deutch, and Tyler Hoechlin who all seem to capture early eighties college life.

Everybody Wants Some is out May 13th

Race – Brand New Trailer!

There have been plenty of sports biopics and they come thick and fast. Whether it’s about the drug abuse of Lance Armstrong, or packing a punch with Muhammad Ali, any figure of significance will sure enough be immortalised on the big screen. With Eddie the Eagle already wowing audiences, now we turn to Jesse Owens who gets his own in upcoming flick – Race.

The film revolves around Owens’ Olympic stardom as he rose to prominence in a time of segregation and racial discrimination. Sent to the Berlin Olympics in 1930s, Jesse managed to see the Nazi regime and defy it in his famous acclaimed win…

Taking meaty subjects with a stellar cast, led by newcomer Stephan James, Race looks to be a tantalising look at a man who faced so much and defeated .

X-Men: Apocalypse – Brand New Trailer!

What really? Can we not just have one movie without the clawed creature rearing his ugly side-burned head? We’ve spent so long seeing Wolverine on screen that we are frankly sick of him. With the announcement of Apocalypse, we were a little excited knowing that Wolverine may not be in this. But apparently he is. What the hell Singer? Whilst we’d love to shove Hugh Jackman into every orifice of cinematic goodness, even we know there’s a limit.

After the events of Days of Future Past, there is something stirring within the mutant community. Worshipped as a god since his birth, Apocalypse hunts down powerful mutants to become immortal and invincible. Recruiting more mutants to his fold, including the heartbroken Magneto (after leaving Charles and walking this world alone,) the fate of the world is left in the hands of Raven, Professor X and the young X-Men.

Despite the reappearance of Wolverine, there are many exciting moments in this brand new foreign trailer including Magneto’s supposed family, Quicksilver’s hilarity, and more about Oscar Isaac’s villain. Basically, this brand new trailer made is wholly excited. We’re talking about pants wet, nipple erect, and drool emitting excitement.