Werewolves Within – Review

by Jordan King Following reasonably hot on the heels of Jim Cummings’ 2020 Fargo-esque horror-comedy The Wolf of Snow Hollow, a murder mystery caper that saw a purported werewolf on the loose in a small mountain town, Josh Ruben’s Werewolves Within – a Ubisoft Studios production spun-off from the same titled VR game – offers audiences another helping of lycanthropic laughs and bloodletting. Sitting pretty … Continue reading Werewolves Within – Review

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions – Review

by Jordan King Adam Robitel’s 2019 Saw-lite horror puzzler Escape Room was something of a minor gem in amongst the annual great deluge of subpar horrors. Capitalising on the real-world explosion of interest in escape rooms – who doesn’t want to be stuck in a room with your nearest and dearest solving puzzles and trying to hold onto sanity without severing the ties that bind? … Continue reading Escape Room: Tournament of Champions – Review

The Croods 2: A New Age – Review

by Jordan King Not many folks will recall the tumultuous journey Dreamworks’ The Croods took to make it to the big screen in 2013. Having originally been announced under the title Crood Awakenings in 2005, the Stone Age set story of a luddite, his family, and the inventor who comes to rock their world was originally to be the first film of five unique Aardman/Dreamworks … Continue reading The Croods 2: A New Age – Review

King Knight – Fantasia 2021 Review

by Anton Bitel Richard Bates Jr.’s King Knight begins with an animated picture book, and a “once upon a time”-style narration, as though we are about to watch a Disney fairytale – although the book’s final image is a map of contemporary California, as the narrator declares “sometimes the most beautiful flowers grow up in the biggest piles of shit.” Certainly there is a lot … Continue reading King Knight – Fantasia 2021 Review