Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows – Brand New Trailer!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. HEROES IN A HALF-SHELL – TURTLE POWER….

…is the song we would be singing if we were completely hyped up for this film. Yes the sequel that nobody asked for is coming to our screens this summer and we’re green…with sickness.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows revolves around the shelled team literally coming out of the shadows when a nefarious plot threatens New York and the world. Helped by April O’Neil and newcomer Casey Jones, the Turtles band together to stop the evil

Yes. Yes. This looks ridiculous and it’s a shame to see Tyler Perry in his ridiculous comedic garb again when he turned in a fantastic performance for Gone Girl. This latest trailer just solidifies how much stupid this whole affair is and the sooner we can kick them back into the shadows, the better.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is out 30th May  

Twenty Years On…The Craft (1996)

There was a trend throughout pre-teen and teenage girls in the late 90s; a trend that scared every parent to their wits! Where every sleep over was shrouded in mysterious chanting and candlelight. Spells, witches, and more were whispered in hushed tones and everyone had come down with something serious…..the craft.


Just me?

No one else tried pin-prick their friend’s finger then drink blood-laced milk?


Twenty years ago, The Craft came into our lives and for that, we are better for it. Set in Los Angeles, Sarah (Robin Tunney) has been moved from San Francisco. At her Catholic School (irony,) Sarah befriends a group of outcast girls; Nancy (Fairuza Balk,) Bonnie (Neve Campbell), and Rochelle (Rachel True.) However, these girls are known for dabbling in witchcraft and realising Sarah’s potential, invite her into their coven. Soon, Sarah and Co are dabbling up spells and invoking spirits to solve their problems. But even the most earnest of spells have consequences as our ladies are sure to find out.

Despite what initial critical and audience response would have you believe, The Craft is actually really good. The Craft is also an accurate portrayal of some elements of Wicca (Baulk is actually a Wiccan and helped producers make the film more realistic.) As well as this, it shows a much darker side to all this magic malarkey left unexplored in fantastical movies. For example, the “power of three” consequence is strife within this movie and simple shows that no matter how much you want something, it could also bite you in the arse.

What’s more, when it comes to those magical moments then the special effects aren’t really that bad for a nineties movie (seeing as over 3000 snakes and bugs were used, it’s hard to make them look fake.) The mystical moments truly solidify your believe in magic.

Not only is the CGI convincing enough to make young girls believe that you could lift your fat friend into the air using words and two fingers; the Craft has something more. The characters and acting within this are just brilliant. Fairuza Balk, since growing into her crazy looks, plays completely terrifyingly insane extremely well. Her Nancy, who takes one sip of power and goes loco, is sublimely frightening and sadistic within the film. She is held up well by the painfully shy Bonnie and the bullied Rachel. The outcast element here enhances the atmosphere, allowing you to relate and . Each character has their own struggles and battles, looking at the rest of the world from the space they have been shoved in. Each is portrayed subtly and beautiful by our lead cast. They invoke all different kinds of emotions from sadness to anger, each suited for their role.

Which brings me on to Robin Turney who I believe is a seriously underrated actress. She is wonderful to watch as the broken heroine who is good with a wicked side as well. You root for her but you know that she is dangerous as well. She’s the kind of hero you relate to, even if she is wiggling her magic fingers in a love spell.

The Craft is chilling, terrifying and gets under your skin. There is also an incredible soundtrack despite the usual “How Soon Is Now” that seems to be the staple for brooding nineties movies everywhere. I heard someone say this about The Craft, and I believe it so; The Craft is a fantastic movie sandwiched in a bad genre. No one sees movies aimed at teens because in general, they are the same and once you grow old, they don’t appeal to you. The Craft is an exception that’s breaks the rule and sadly, with the release of a film that shan’t be named (Twilight) it is still going to be lumped in with the teen supernatural genre, even decades after release.

And that’s a curse that needs breaking.

Minuscule – Brand New Trailer!

I was literally having the conversation the other day – children’s movies are over-saturating our cinema. That’s all it seems to be nowadays: Children’s movies and Superhero movies. Whilst the latter genuinely tries to produce some impressive stuff, the former is suffers from truly awful creations. And they are everywhere. Between Top Cat Begins and Robinson Crusoe, you seemingly can’t escape the dread of children’s movies.

So here enters the brand new trailer for Minuscule which looks to be crawling with original energy.

Based off a Cbeebeies TV show, and told in CGI and live-action, the film revolves around a standoff between two tribes of ants and a brave young ladybird who finds himself caught in the middle.

If you are thinking Antz, and screaming A Bug’s Life then we hear you but there is something quite sweet here. Though there is no word on casting, and it certainly is going to appeal more to the younger side, Minuscule may be enjoyable!

Minuscule is out 27th May

Florence Foster Jenkins – Brand New Clips!

In all of our heads, we’re the best singers ever. When we are home alone, or in the shower, or after a few pints down the local – we love to wail our favourite tunes (Mine is When You’re Good to Mama from the legendary musical Chicago.) Now, if you are like me, you are a bound to have a suffering family member who’d pretty much shoot you down saying “No, you are shit, stop it.”  (probably in a nicer way than that)

There are some people, however, who are so desperate to see their significant other happy that they’ll go along with the lie.

And that’s how people such as Florence Foster Jenkins gain so much notoriety.

Florence Foster Jenkins revolves around a passionate opera singer who, well, cannot sing. As an heiress and with a doting husband, her secret talent (or lack thereof) has been kept as a somewhat private joke between peers. However, one day she is adamant to perform on the real stage, panicking everyone behind her.

In this latest featurette, the voiceover of Britian’s Got Talent Peter Dickson imitates the relality show whilst the latest clip shows the piano room lessons. With words pouring in about how inspiring and awesome it is, Florence could, indeed, be bringing the house down!

Florence Foster Jenkins is out 6th May 

Escape The Green Room – Brand New Game!

Green Room is certainly May’s must-see gory thriller and literally one you must witness on the big screen.

Starring Patrick Stewart, Anton Yelchin, Alia Shawkat, Joe Cole, and Callum Turner, Green Room revolves around a punk bands named The Ain’t Rights who stop for a gig in Oregon only to find out that it’s filled with racist skinheads. After seeing a murder, they are locked in their dressing room while the rabid masses try to dispose of their witnesses….

Now you can play Green Room on your little screen as they have released Escape The Green Room. Thanks to Altitude Film Distribution and Picturehouse Entertainment, there is a brand new bespoke and fully immersive game online! You can try to escape the venue with the rabid neo-Nazi’s trying to hunt you down! Fun for all ages (disclaimer: above the age of 18!

What more are you waiting for?

Escape the Green Room today!

Green Room is out 13th of May!

Green Room is out 13th of May!
Play Escape The Green Room now!


X-Men: Apocalypse – “The History of Apocalypse” Featurette

…..What did I say yesterday? Exactly. There is going to be a lot more X-Men shenanigans as the movie is only a few weeks away! And now we have a brand new featurette.

After the events of Days of Future Past, there is something stirring within the mutant community. Worshipped as a god since his birth, Apocalypse hunts down powerful mutants to become immortal and invincible. Recruiting more mutants to his fold, including the heartbroken Magneto (after leaving Charles and walking this world alone,) the fate of the world is left in the hands of Raven, Professor X, and the young X-Men.

The latest featurette poses some interesting questions about the upcoming film. The History of Apocalypse shows that he has inhibited the body of different mutants and it suggests that he may do the same with Xavier. Especially because there is a battle where Xavier stands – it makes sense that it’s in his mind.

Also. He is played by Oscar Isaac.

That is all.

He can inhabit my body any day.

X-Men: Apocalypse is out May 18th

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