House of Gucci – Review

by Sarah Cook House of Gucci released one of the best trailers of the year. Set to a thumping eighties soundtrack, and boasting outrageous accents and iconic lines, it teased a triumphant, camp, and outrageous journey. The film itself is much more of a slog; failing to capture the highs of its marketing campaign and languishing in a stuffy drama that is quite dull in … Continue reading House of Gucci – Review

The Best of Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live

Sometimes, an actor bursts onto the scenes and wins the hearts (and ovaries) of every one that sees him. Adam Driver is one of those actors. Rising to prominence on the HBO series Girls, he enjoyed a healthy stream of independent films before taking on a bigger role as Kylo Ren in Disney’s continuation of the Star Wars franchise. Since then, he’s starred in a … Continue reading The Best of Adam Driver on Saturday Night Live

Marriage Story – Review

This review contains some spoilers for Marriage Story. The opening of Marriage Story is effective. Though it may seem like the start of a quirky romance story such as (500) Days of Summer or The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It’s a collection of loveable traits of Nicole and Charlie, as told by the other. From always crying at movies to being a sore … Continue reading Marriage Story – Review

Unpopped Kernels: Paterson (2016)

Adam Driver is just one of those actors. There is something so terribly unique about him.  His presence on any sized screen is immediately engaging and provocative. Whether he’s the roguish lover in cult television series Girls or destroying our childhoods by killing off Han Solo (woah: Spoiler alert) in The Force Awakens, his tremendous acting build can fill any role and execute it greatly. … Continue reading Unpopped Kernels: Paterson (2016)

Logan Lucky – Brand New Trailer!

Riley Keough! Channing Tatum! Adam Driver! Daniel Craig! STEPHEN SODERBERGH! Well, it’s enough to get us all excited. Yes, it’s the brand new trailer for Logan Lucky. The film revolves around three siblings trying to reverse a family curse by executing an elaborate robber during a motor race at Memorial Day weekend! The trailers are immensely entertaining, with Daniel Craig being the sheer highlight here … Continue reading Logan Lucky – Brand New Trailer!