Selah and the Spades – Review

If there is one thing we know from the movies, it is that American High Schools have factions. They train people to adapt to ‘house’ life in universities and then condition them to be ruthless business leaders or media moguls. You don’t necessarily make your own faction; you might inherit it and feel obliged to keep it going like some bad tradition. However, it shapes … Continue reading Selah and the Spades – Review

The Hate U Give – Review

In a marketing move that went awry, the American police shooting drama, The Hate U Give inspired mass walkouts at ‘Cineworld Unlimited’ Surprise Preview screenings across the UK on 8 October. The last Cineworld Unlimited screening was The Incredibles 2 so audiences were primed for a tentpole release. Fearing it might be the new Hallowe’en movie anxious parents contacted Cineworld sites to ask whether their … Continue reading The Hate U Give – Review