The Best Of: 6 Incredible Roles by Amy Adams

Amy Adams is one of my favourite actresses. I know it’s a bit unprofessional to start an article so deeply personal but I recently spoke to the great Adams at a press conference. Replying to me in such an astute and intellectual way, I instantly blacked out and cannot quite recall what she said because I was overcome by her perfection (Hooray for Dictaphones!) Anyway, there … Continue reading The Best Of: 6 Incredible Roles by Amy Adams

Arrival – Brand New Trailer!

Is it part of every director’s contract that – at one point in their life – they have to do a space movie? I dunno. It just seems like they are churning out starry adventures and rockets propelling to the moon in alluring and fantastic cinematography with a score by Hans Zimmer or Alexandre Desplat? I just feel like there has to be a clause … Continue reading Arrival – Brand New Trailer!

Arrival – Teaser Trailer

When you think of a typical sci-fi movie, you tend to think of aliens ‘invading’, not ‘arriving’, right? Arrival is more akin to an unwelcome family member visiting for the holidays, or the next train on platform three. Passive. So already an element of uncertainty is evident, before we even hit play. Passive aliens don’t make for easy plot development. As with all teaser trailers, … Continue reading Arrival – Teaser Trailer